Economics Revealed is designed to help students and anyone with a passing interest in Economics.  The aim is to bring together information on Economics in an interesting and informative way in addition to giving quick and easy access to the best Economics sites on the web; there are also a range of useful video tutorials which will be increased over time.


The site is particularly useful for GCSE and A Level Economics students, Business students, university students studying modules with Economics content, business people needing access to Economics-related information and anyone with a passing interest in Economics.


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Nick Langston-Able

Nick is an experienced teacher and lecturer in Economics who has taught for a number of years.  This has included GCSE and A Level Economics, Business Economics and Business Economic Environment modules on management and professional courses, along with modules on Business and Economics degrees.  In recent years he has moved from being Head of Economics at a school in South Gloucestershire to taking on a role as an Associate Lecturer at UWE, Bristol and also appearing as a guest speaker at Bristol University.  He also undertakes consultancy work as well as being a successful travel writer with his book 'Playing with Fire - Adventures in Indonesia' - www.Adventures-in-Indonesia.co.uk 

Nick also occasionally works as a private Economics tutor and is based in north Bristol.  He is also experienced in both radio and TV and is available as a guest speaker.  

Contact:  nla(at)nla1.co.uk or through the Economics Revealed Facebook page





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